Aquademia is a biannual journal that analyses issues surrounding biology,  environmental,  health, science, sustainability, and water education The Journal invites scientific articles related to both applied and basic research and highlights policy issues that are of prime interest to biology,  environmental,  health, science, sustainability, and water education

There is no submission fee for Aqudemia . You may expect rapid peer-review and publication as long as academic standards are met.

Fields of Interest: Biology, Environmental, Health and Science Education

Online ISSN: 2542-4874

Founded: 2017

Period: Biannually

Publisher: Bastas


Volume 7, Issue 1, 2023

In Progress

Research Article
Online higher education during and beyond COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from professors and students at a Taiwanese university
Aquademia, 2023, 7(1), ep23001,
Research Article
Knowledge and awareness on the fishery resources of elementary and high school students
Aquademia, 2023, 7(1), ep23002,
Review Article
From Thermopiles to Marathon: Teaching the theory of evolution through a short tour to paleontology of Greece
Aquademia, 2023, 7(1), ep23003,
Research Article
Acceptance of nuclear energy by pre-service teachers in Greece
Aquademia, 2023, 7(1), ep23004,