Aims & Scope

Aquademia is a biannual journal that analyses issues surrounding biology and environmental education. The Journal invites scientific articles related to both applied and basic research and highlights policy issues that are of prime interest to biology and environmental education.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics that are primarily considered to be within the scope of Aquademia:
•    Agricultural education 
•    Aquacultural education
•    Biodiversity and protection
•    Biotechnology education
•    Biology education
•    Biological and environmental knowledge
•    Biological and environmental literacy
•    Biology and environmental teacher education
•    Conceptual understanding and conceptual change
•    Curriculum development
•    Education for sustainable development
•    Environmental awareness, feelings, attachment, and identity
•    Environmental education 
•    Environmental awareness, perception and cognition
•    Environmental pollution
•    Geography education
•    Ethics in biology and environmental education
•    Forest education
•    Global climate change
•    Green chemistry
•    Global and local environmental problems
•    History of biology and environmental education
•    Marine conservation and education
•    Practical work and field work
•    Pro-environmental behavior and behavior change
•    Public health education
•    Science education
•    Socio-scientific issues 
•    Sustainability education
•    Technology in biology and environmental education
•    Values, attitudes, norms and decision-making
•    Water education
•    Water literacy

There is no submission fee for Aquademia. You may expect rapid peer-review and publication as long as academic standards are met.

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