Mini Review

Environmental Problems and Education in Last Five Years

Olcay Sinan 1 * , Muhammet Usak 2, Yusuf Sinan 3
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1 The University of Texas at Austin, USA2 Kazan Federal University, RUSSIA3 Austin Community College, USA* Corresponding Author
Aquademia, 6(2), 2022, ep22006,
Published: 01 August 2022
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Environmental education continues to be popular all the time. Researchers have been trying to raise awareness of people by doing valuable studies on this issue. However, it is very difficult to follow all of these studies. That is why this mini-review aims to present a bunch of studies on environmental pollution in the last 5 years for researchers. In order to achieve this aim, the ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) database was searched using the “Environmental” and “Pollution” keywords. Then the full-text articles directly related to environmental education since 2018 were summarized in a table in which countries they were made and which data collection tools were used. These studies were read independently by the researchers and qualitative data analysis was carried out. According to the results of the data analysis, four themes were created: i) Research on environmental education; ii) Teaching-learning method and activities about environmental education; iii) Literacy, knowledge, attitude, behavior and, awareness about environmental education; iv) COVID-19 and challenge. The relevant texts of the selected studies were placed into the appropriate theme. In the last part of the study, some suggestions were presented for future studies.


Sinan, O., Usak, M., & Sinan, Y. (2022). Environmental Problems and Education in Last Five Years. Aquademia, 6(2), ep22006.


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